Our Products



We offer our distributors a very broad range of products which can be used on the interior and exterior of buildings for the construction, finishing and repair; parquet flooring adhesives, gripper adhesives, panel and decorative adhesives and elastomeric joint sealants. Our technical sales department is at your disposal for all your technical or commercial questions.

Our industrial division offers a broad range of adhesive solutions; reactive Hot-Melt adhesives, one and two-component polyurethane adhesives, SBR, SBS, polychroroprenes and silicones. We are able to offer a variety of glues and dispersal methods for your complex bonding needs.différents en utilisant des méthodes de dépose de colle très variées.

Private labelling


The EMFI company has a great know-how and proposes a broad ranges for building and industrial applications. We have the capacity and expertise to offer tailor-made adhesive formulations and privately branded products manufactured to your specifications to support your product line.

The StarStuk line of adhesives is designed to meet the needs of today’s Woodworking, Furniture, RV and Manufactured Housing markets. These adhesives have been specially formulated to provide superior bonds for adhering laminates to board substrates, fabric to foam, as well as plastics, steel, glass, fiberglass and wood to each other. The StarStuk line includes high temperature resistant laminating adhesives, specially adhesives for Styrofoam applications, general purpose adhesives for low temperature or temporary bonds as well as white and yellow wood glue