Areas of activity

Research and development

  • The EMFI GROUP keeps on developing innovating products and news solutions for industry and construction.

  • Today the EMFI GROUP became one of the worldwide leader in the adhesives and sealants with polyurethan creation.

  • The industrial performance of EMFI GROUP can be observed in the business of specifics products created and adapted each user demand.

The use of all the synergies and the competences allowed EMFI to reach a considérable market share in the building and manufacturing industry.

Emfi colle a parquet


Our products for the building are composed by a range of sealant and cement intended to the matérias retailer, woodfloor, industrial supplies...

Our industrial products are intended to joining structural, sealing for industrial application, assembly in the car industry, railway industry, marine industry, furnisting industry...




In France and in our wordwide subsidiaries,
more than 70 technical salesmen are ready to help our distributors and client.