The industrial know how

50 years of experience


In 1957 Emile Mendler started a business of trading and manufacturing of adhesives for the shoe industry as a compliment to his machinery business in shoe manufacturing.




In 1965 the trade name of EMFI was created and registered.


In 1987/1988 EMFI took part in the founding of the SAPO company  (Société Alsacienne de Polymères) specialized in the manufacturing of polyuretan sealants, and the development and production of adhesives for the flooring market.


In 1990 EMFI took the opportunity to start its business in Eastern European Countries and opened a trading company in Hungary : EMFI TRADE in Budapest. In the following years some other companies were launched in Prague, Bratislava, Bucharest and Kiev.


In 1999 the new production site in Niedermodern was completed.


In 2000 was the opening of our Chicago office, POLYMERS ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY (P.A.T.)


In 2004, EMFI concentrated its activities on the manufacturing of polyurethanes and hybrid / MS Polymer adhesives and sealants for the industrial and construction markets.


In 2006: creation of EMFI Pologne.


In 2009: Acquisition of EMFI by the 3M Group.


EMFI confirms its international dimension and increasingly positions itself as a leader by:

-Investing in production units in the United States.

-Strengthening the sales team in the east.

-Now essential in the construction of buildings, infrastructures, various structural assemblies such as parquet and particularly in the following sectors of business: automobile, road, rail and even maritime transport.

-By enriching 3M's range of industrial adhesive products, they have provided access to the booming market segment of structural adhesives and polyurethane-based mastics.