EMFIMASTIC SANITAIRE N is a solvent-free, low modulus multipurpose one component alcoxy silicone sealant based on polysiloxanes and a neutral moisture curing system.
EMFIMASTIC SANITAIRE N has CE marking for fthe application sealant for sanitary joints according to European Standard EN 15651-3 (S).


EMFIMASTIC SANITAIRE N is specially designed for sanitary applications (wet rooms...)
EMFIMASTIC SANITAIRE N has a good adhesion without primer on most of materials used in building industries : glass, aluminium, steel, stainless steel, anodised steel, ABS, tiles, treated wood and PVC.
On very porous materials or in some plastics, a primer is necessary.


Substrate preparation :
The substrates must be clean, dry, free of dust, oil, grease and any contaminants that could harm bonding.
If the substrates need to be cleaned, use alcohol, methylethylketone (MEK) , acetone or EMFICLEAN AL cloth.
Check the compatibility of the solvent with the subtrate.
If necessary, rub out the metal surfaces. Clean them after rubbing out.
Let dry after degreasing.
When using solvents, extinguish all sources of ignition and carefully follow the safety and handling instructions given by the manufacturer or supplier.
Caulking :
EMFIMASTIC SANITAIRE N can be applied by a manual or pneumatic gun.
The shape of the joint is important. Avoid thin layers.
After application, use a wet putty knife to smooth the joint.
Do not apply at a temperature under 5 °C.
In cold weather, store the cartridges at about 20 °C before use.
Cleaning :
Tools can be cleaned with white spirit or EMFICLEAN AL cloth before complete curing.
After curing, abrasion is necessary.