ISOLEMFI 3300 is a one-component polyurethane-based moisture curing adhesive.
The cured film presents a very good behavior to heat as well as a good behavior to hydrolysis.
Wood to wood bonding performed with ISOLEMFI 3300 present an excellent water resistance (D4 classification according to EN 204 and 205 standards).


ISOLEMFI 3300 is used for the bonding of various insulating materials (expanded or extruded polystyrene, polyurethane foam, phenolic foam, mineral wool panels) on wood, pressed wood, plaster boards, concrete or stone, and to bond wood to wood.
For difficult materials like metals, polyester or PVC, it is necessary to make tests beforehand.
ISOLEMFI 3300 must not be used in toys and childcare articles which can be placed in the mouth by children.


Refer to product’s technical data sheet.