EMFIMASTIC MS CRISTAL + is a one-part transparent sealant based on MS polymer, which cures under the effect of moisture to form a durable and flexible joint.
EMFIMASTIC MS CRISTAL + has CE marking for following applications:
− sealant for facade elements for interior and exterior applications according to European Standard EN 15651-1 (F EXT-INT).
− sealant for glazing according to European Standard EN 15651-2 (G).


EMFIMASTIC MS CRISTAL + is ideal for indoor joint filling applications (shower wall, glazing, etc.) and cracks sealing. It allows also flexible bondings of materials that can be submitted to vibrations or deformations, in- and outdoor, in building (decoration, DIY) or general industry areas. Clear and odorless, it allows primerless adhesions on most substrates like concrete, plaster, stone, ceramic, glass, baseboards, panels, battens, carpentry elements (wood, aluminum, PVC), zinc, stainless steel and most lacquered metals.
However, due to the large variety of substrates and installation conditions, it is necessary to make adhesion tests beforehand on difficult materials (low surface energy substrates), particularly on non-ferrous metals and plastic substrates like PMMA or ABS.
Abrasion or the use of an adhesion promoter or primer may be necessary to improve adhesion.
For further information, please contact our technical service.
Not suitable for bonding on substrates like PE, PP and PTFE.
Avoid any contact with oils, plasticizers or products like bitumen, asphalt, silicone, etc.


Refer to product’s technical data sheet.