EMFIBAND is a self-adhesive waterproofing tape, based on modified bitumen and covered by an aluminium film (natural colored or colored with an epoxy paint) which can be cold-applied.


EMFIBAND is designed for the protection and waterproofing of surfaces like asphalt, concrete, mortar, stone or brick (for example terraces, balconies, acroterion walls) and for the waterproofing of roofs coverings (chimney bases, roof ridges and hips, flashings, etc.)
EMFIBAND may be used for the sealing of wooden, glass, plastic or metal elements, such as porches, skylights, roof lights, flat roof windows, canopies, metallic frames, etc.
EMFIBAND can also be used for the repair of defective roof elements, such as zinc or lead edge trims, vents, ridge tiles, downpipes, tiles, gutters, collecting tanks, etc.
EMFIBAND is compatible with most building materials.


Refer to product’s technical data sheet.