EMFIMOUSSE is an aerosol, moisture curing one-part polyurethane foam.
EMFIMOUSSE has a good adhesion on most popular building materials : concrete, brick, plaster, PVC, metal, wooden materials, polyurethane foam but not to polyethylene, silicone, glass and PTFE.


EMFIMOUSSE is used for mounting and sealing windows and doorframes, and for filling and sealing all joints.
Also used for sound-proofing (dividing walls, car and boat cabins...), insulation work (water-pipes...), bonding roof tiles. After hardening, EMFIMOUSSE can be cut, sanded and painted.


Substrates preparation :
The substrates must be clean, without any traces of grease or other contaminants that could adversely affect the bonding performance.
Wet porous substrates before foam application.
Application :
Wet porous substrates before foam application.
Shake the can strongly about 20 times with the valve down before use.
Remove the cap. Screw the adapter onto the nozzle.
Press lightly on the trigger always with the valve down ; output rate depends on the level of pressure.
Joints and cavities should not be filled over 70 % ; foam expands 2 to 3 times its original volume.
When filling very deep holes and joints or when cracks are wider than 5 cm, foam should be applied gradually by layers, waiting hardening between every layer.
When mounting door and window frames, mechanical connectors and struts should be used.
After full cure, cut if necessary the excess with a knife and protect against UV radiation by covering with sealant mass, plaster or paint.
Cleaning :
After application and if the bottle is not empty or when a break in application lasts more than 15 min, clean the nozzle and the flexible pipe with EMFINET MOUSSE or with acetone.
This solvent also allows to clean the smudges during working (substrates, clothes).
EMFINET MOUSSE must be used immediately because it has no effect after curing.
Cured foam can be removed only mechanically.