EMFIPRIM EPOXY is a two-component epoxy resin-based product with a strong penetrating power and a low water-vapor transmission rate.


EMFIPRIM EPOXY is intended for the preparation of substrates presenting a risk of rising damp before application of a concrete resurfacer or a parquet adhesive.
EMFIPRIM EPOXY is used as a primer (to promote the grip of the resurfacer or adhesive) or against rearward moisture penetration (moisture barrier) on substrates like cement screeds, concrete, etc. with a high degree of residual moisture (up to 10% CM on cement screeds).
EMFIPRIM EPOXY has also an excellent adhesion on tiles, various metals (aluminium, steel, brass, zinc), old coatings, various plastics and other critical substrates.
Thanks to its low viscosity, EMFIPRIM EPOXY penetrates perfectly into low- and non-porous substrates, even at low temperature (minimum 10°C).
Not suitable on bituminous substrates. Usable both indoor and outdoor.


Refer to product’s technical data sheet.