EMFIMASTIC ACRYL PARQUET is a high quality acrylic sealant.


EMFIMASTIC ACRYL PARQUET is specially recommended for finishing joints between walls and skirtings, parquets, laminated floorcoverings and walls.
EMFIMASTIC ACRYL PARQUET adheres perfectly to most usual building materials.


Substrates preparation :
The substrates to be assembled must be dry, dust free and not have any traces of grease or other contaminants that could adversely affect the bonding performance.
Clean them if necessary with alcohol or methylethylketone (MEK).
Allow the substrate to dry after degreasing.
Adhesion tests prior to the application are recommended.
Application :
EMFIMASTIC ACRYL PARQUET can be applied with a manual or pneumatic gun.
After application, use a wet putty knife to smooth the joint.
EMFIMASTIC ACRYL PARQUET can be sanded after 48 h.
Cleaning :
Tools can be cleaned with water before drying of the sealant. After drying, abrasion is necessary.
Compatibility with paints, varnishes and oils :
EMFIMASTIC ACRYL PARQUET may be coated after full setting (1 to 2 weeks).
A compatibility test is necessary before application of a covering layer.