EMFIMASTIC HIGH POWER TURBO is a one-component high-viscosity and high-modulus elastomeric sealant, based on new generation polymer.
EMFIMASTIC HIGH POWER TURBO presents good adhesive properties, high immediate bonding properties and a fast skin formation time.
Good mechanical properties, strong bonding.
After application, it cures under the effect of moisture present in the air or in the substrates to form a flexible joint presenting a high resistance to tear.
EMFIMASTIC HIGH POWER TURBO has CE marking for following applications: sealant for facade elements for interior and exterior applications according to European Standard EN 15651-1: 2012. Class 7,5P. Declaration of performance n° 045/1-DoP-2017.


EMFIMASTIC HIGH POWER TURBO is specially formulated for works requiring a powerful and fast bonding (pressing and holding of the element to bond during 3 seconds, depending on its dimensions). It thereby provides a handling of the bonded elements after only 20 minutes.
EMFIMASTIC HIGH POWER TURBO is ideal, indoor or outdoor, to bond elements which may be subject to vibrations or deformations.

EMFIMASTIC HIGH POWER TURBO can be used in the general industry: joints between prefabricated elements, structural steel, flow pipes, galvanized plates and sheets, trucks and caravans elements, elements destined to air conditioning and refrigerated machines installations.

EMFIMASTIC HIGH POWER TURBO can also be used in the building industry: adhesion is excellent on concrete, bricks, wood, natural and artificial stones, ceramics, plinths (wood – aluminium – rigid PVC) and insulators.

However, due to the large variety of substrates (particularly those not specified in this data sheet), suppliers and installation conditions, it is necessary to make tests beforehand on difficult materials (particularly on non-ferrous or lacquered metals and plastic substrates like PVC, PMMA or ABS) to determine whether abrasion or the use of a primer may be necessary to improve adhesion. For further information, contact our technical department.
Not suitable for substrates like PE, PP, Teflon, wallpaper-glass cloth.
Avoid any contact with light oils, plasticizers or other products like bitumen, asphalt, silicone, etc. before and during the curing.

EMFIMASTIC HIGH POWER TURBO can be applied to wet surfaces and does not present any risk of bubbling during the curing phase.
EMFIMASTIC HIGH POWER TURBO can be painted: it is however recommended to wait until the skin is formed prior to painting. We recommend to make tests beforehand.

EMFIMASTIC HIGH POWER TURBO is resistant to ageing and weathering; it also presents a good chemical durability.


Refer to product’s technical data sheet.