EMFIMASTIC SP MIROIR is a one-component high-viscosity elastomeric sealant, based on silane terminated polymer and presenting high immediate bonding properties.
After application, it cures under the effect of moisture present in the air or in the substrates to form a flexible joint presenting a high resistance to tear.


EMFIMASTIC SP MIROIR was specially developed for bonding any type of silvered mirrors (mineral or organic), without attacking the silvering.
Enables to compensate the substrate’s irregularities until approximately 5mm.
The adhesion is excellent on a wide range of substrates commonly used in the building industry (tiling, glass, wood, PVC, pre-lacquered aluminium, most of the metals, polystyrene, stone, polyester, concrete, etc.)
However, due to the large variety of substrates, mirrors (in particular those not specified in this data sheet) and installation conditions, it is necessary to make tests beforehand on difficult materials (particularly on non-ferrous or lacquered metals and plastic substrates like PVC, PMMA or ABS) to determine whether abrasion or the use of a primer may be necessary to improve adhesion. For further information, contact our technical department.
Not suitable for substrates like PE, PP, Teflon, wallpaper-glass cloth.
Not suitable for mirrors with shatter-proof films.
Avoid any contact with oils, plasticizers or other products like bitumen, asphalt, silicone, etc.


Mirror preparation:
Make sure the mirror to bond is in a good state (clean, healthy and without any dust or grease).
Degrease the side to bond with acetone or isopropyl alcohol, to avoid possible traces of grease or silicone (avoid “fatty” solvents like White Spirit which could lead to poor adhesion and therefore to a defective bonding).

Substrates preparation:
The substrates must be clean, even, dry, dust free and not have any traces of grease or other contaminants that could harm bonding.
If the substrates need to be cleaned, use EMFINET 683, methylethylketone (MEK), acetone or SAPOCOL GR 1001 degreaser.
Check their compatibility with the substrates.
Note: when using solvents, extinguish all sources of ignition and carefully follow the safety and handling instructions given by the manufacturer.
It is recommended to rub down concrete, particularly cement film residue, with a metal brush. After scraping, remove the dust.
If necessary, rub down metallic surfaces beforehand (especially in presence of oxidation). After rubbing down, clean them with a solvent and allow to dry for at least 10 minutes.
If necessary, apply a primer - contact our technical department if needed.

EMFIMASTIC SP MIROIR can be applied by a manual, pneumatic or electrical gun with a triangular nozzle (supplied with the cartridge) on the mirror, in vertical ropes spaced out from 5 to 10 cm, depending on the substrates and the size of the mirror to bond.
Press strongly for a few seconds (minimum 10 seconds, depending on the size and weight of the mirror to bond) in order to ensure a good transfer between the substrate, EMFIMASTIC SP MIROIR and the mirror.
It is possible to bond mirrors up to 0.25m² and approximately 3kg without any mechanical holding.
However, for heavier elements, a mechanical holding before curing is required. In this case, use a double-sided tape like 3M 4008.
This product should be used within 24 hours which follow the opening of the cartridge’s protection, otherwise the sealant could cure inside.
Avoid any contact with non-cured polyurethanes during curing.

Tools can be cleaned with EMFINET 683, MEK, acetone or EMFICLEAN AL wipes before the sealant has completely cured. After curing, abrasion is necessary.
Hands can be cleaned with EMFICLEAN AL wipes.