EMFIMASTIC MS 60 is a ready to use single component elastomeric sealant, based on silane terminated polymer.
After application, it cures under the effect of atmospheric humidity or substrates humidity to form a flexible joint.
This product has a fire resistance certificate according to the European directive on marine equipment in force.


EMFIMASTIC MS 60 is suitable for industrial and refrigerated trailers, truck bodies, shipbuilding, air conditioning and ventilation units, sandwich panels and many other industrial applications.
EMFIMASTIC MS 60 can also be used in the building industry, indoor or outdoor, to bond elements which may be subject to vibrations or deformations.
The adhesion is excellent on a wide range of substrates commonly used in the building industry (tiling, plaster, glass, wood, PVC, pre-painted aluminium, non-ferrous metals, polystyrene, stone, polyester, etc.)
However, due to the large variety of substrates and installation conditions, it is necessary to make tests beforehand on difficult materials (particularly on non-ferrous or lacquered metals, painted substrates and other plastic substrates) to determine whether abrasion or the use of a primer may be necessary to improve adhesion.
Not suitable for substrates like PE, PP, Teflon.
Avoid any contact with oils, plasticizers or products like bitumen, asphalt, silicone, etc.

EMFIMASTIC MS 60 must not be used in toys and childcare articles which can be placed in the mouth by children.


Refer to product’s technical data sheet.